Foot Care

Podiatry vs. Chiropody

Chiropodists and Podiatrists are part of the same profession and in the UK the titles can sometimes be interchangeable. Podiatry is the internationally recognised qualification needed for all aspects of foot care. A Podiatrist will train for 3-4 years to obtain a degree or diploma in Podiatry. Podiatrists deal with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb disorders. They also have advanced training and skills needed to specialise in foot/nail surgery, anaesthetics, biomechanics/gait analysis and the treatment of high risk patients such as people with Diabetes or Rheumatoid arthritis. Chiropody is the treatment of common foot problems such as corns, callouses, verrucae and nail conditions. The name change from Chiropodist to Podiatrist started in 1993 to conform to the internationally recognised name for a foot specialist.
Since 2005 only practitioners registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) can legally use the titles of Podiatrist OR Chiropodist.

Foot Facts

  • The average person takes 10,000 steps per day…….that’s 115,000 miles in a lifetime……enough to circle the world 4 times!
  • The feet account for 25% of the bones in the human body.
  • There are roughly 250,000 sweat glands on a pair of feet and they can produce as much as ½ a pint of moisture each day.
  • The pressure on the feet when running can be as much as 4 times the runner’s body weight.
  • A 2 ½ inch heel height can increase the load on the forefoot by up to 75%.
  • Women are 4 times more likely than men to have foot problems. This is mostly due to footwear.
  • Shoes are best bought in the afternoon as your feet swell a little during the day.
  • Feet tend to be so ticklish as there are more sensory nerve ending per inch than any other place on the body.
  • It’s estimated that up to 90% of women wear the wrong size shoe.
  • Standing in one spot is far more tiring than walking because the demands are being made on the same few muscles for a longer length of time.